Heisker Farm is on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia’s most beautiful region and a special place to farm – well at least we certainly think so!

The beginnings of Heisker Farm’s wagyu herd comes from the love of steak and the temptation to be a little bit rebellious. The wagyu breed tweaked their interest to give something new a go. The company selects livestock raised in the world’s most pristine environment, processes the beef humanely and distributes the product to chefs and butchers who handle it with respect and authority…. it will change the way people think about the beef they eat and where it comes from.

Lachy and Amber Nancarrow have a commitment to stewarding the land with respect and a mind towards its continued sustainability for generations to come. The health of the farm, its soils, water ways, scrublands and pastures supports a system that in turn supports a cherished way of life for the Nancarrow family.

The Heisker process nurtures the finest quality cattle, without harming the wonderful environment. From the lush pastures of the Fleurieu Peninsula comes the highest quality beef. contributing to a successful local farming system that supports a network from producer to processor to chef or home kitchen to the diner.




Lachy grew up on Heisker Farm but schooling took him into Adelaide and eventually to university to study biotechnology. But the pull of the bush – rather than the science lab – was strong and after university he headed north to work on Mainoru Station that bordered Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. The sale of the property brought him south again to work in Victoria and eventually back to South Australia

Amber, also a Fleurieu Peninsula local grew up in the historic township of Rapid Bay, finishing school in Yankalilla before also moving to Adelaide for university. travel interstate under the belt and a

The 2 Legged Team



These days, a product’s reputation often hands on its point of origin. This is why we want our beef to have a source that is fully traceable. As awareness mounts about mindful meat-eating, Australians may be consuming less meat but what they do buy is better quality, We want to be transparent about our farm size, farming practices and what management techniques were used by the farmer.

 All our cattle is grain fed and all our farmers grow their cattle only on natural pastures. We have management practices that meet local conditions but we never use hormones, antibiotics, or feed containing unnatural, genetically modified organisms. Our goal is quality, sustainability and pure beef products sourced from a community-minded, value-focused food system.

The 4 Legged Team

And The Cattle Of Course!